You need proof that we’re real human beings who love working at Café? Then this section is for you!

Orsi Heuthaler

It’s just good to work here. On my interview, I already had a very good conversation with interesting people. Many years have passed but they reaffirm me again and again that this is a good place. Everybody takes it seriously, but the most important thing is that we like each other heartily, and we truly respect each other. No one is ever in a position to feel humiliated. And if you stand out from the crowd, it’s okay because we have a place and a real part for you in our system.

Tünde Rembeczki

I’m proud to be able to work in a team where everyone is striving for continuous development. I like that we are here together for each other on good and bad days as well. The company is very human, too. I have very exciting and various projects and they give me the opportunity to do my best. For me, work-life balance is very important and although this profession is not famous for it, we can still do that. The best thing is as a senior I have my own responsibility, my own people, they give me rope but my superiors are next to me whenever I need them, and they also take my progress seriously.

Bettika Gerzsenyi

Why do I like to work at Café? On the one hand, I come in, look around and feel that… It’s just good to be here. Although this can be said of any other advertising agency. But they also have a beer tap and a swing. And when 6 or 7 colleagues get together regularly just to give coffee to unknown people on Monday mornings, that’s something I love. Happy Mondays 4eva! When you decide with some of your colleagues to make a film club and they say “let’s do it”, it’s also a heartwarming thing at Café. Last but not least, wherever you’re going in the building, you feel this positive energy. That’s why I say it’s priceless.

Dániel Villányi

Humanity and coolness. These two words describe it for me. The employees are important for the management for real, and this is not just a slogan. Cafe’s the most caring agency that I have ever been a part of. A beer tap, see-saw, dogs, garden, barbecue, coffee-room - it’s all here. I can develop professionally because they help me to. The clients are open, and they are happy to take proactivity.