You need proof that we’re real human beings who love working at Café? Then this section is for you!

Detti Dósa

It’s easy. I love my job. Seriously, writing is the best thing in the world (or the second). Every day is different, challenging and exciting (or not). I love that I’m encouraged to try new things out. I’m learning so much so quickly (sometimes not). I love the people I work with (not always). They’re awesome, talented, funny and we care about each other personally and work together as friends. But the most important thing is that there is always something to laugh (or cry) about every single day.

Sancó Szabó

The best part of working here is lorem ipsum dolor sit amet. I love that. I feel that I am working with consectetur adipiscing elit. Pellentesque at lectus vehicula that I can learn from consequat arcu faucibus, consectetur libero. And they will push me to take on new nunc porttitor dolor vitae nunc vehicula. On the plus side, at imperdiet turpis pretium. It feels good they appreciate my work and ut sit amet malesuada turpis. They help me to integer et odio ut turpis congue bibendum. It’s just so great. (And luckily, I have very talented copy friends here who can write my text for me.)

Boglárka Boronkai

senior account manager

I started my career at Café as a junior, but thanks to the trust they had in me, I had the opportunity to work on bigger projects. It feels good that they appreciate my work and help me to progress - that’s why I love working here. If I have any questions they always help me, which helps a lot professionally. And of course, there is always a dog in the office that makes me feel good.

Orsi Heuthaler

It’s just good to work here. On my interview, I already had a very good conversation with interesting people. Many years have passed but they reaffirm me again and again that this is a good place. Everybody takes it seriously, but the most important thing is that we like each other heartily, and we truly respect each other. No one is ever in a position to feel humiliated. And if you stand out from the crowd, it’s okay because we have a place and a real part for you in our system.

Tünde Rembeczki

I’m proud to be able to work in a team where everyone is striving for continuous development. I like that we are here together for each other on good and bad days as well. The company is very human, too. I have very exciting and various projects and they give me the opportunity to do my best. For me, work-life balance is very important and although this profession is not famous for it, we can still do that. The best thing is as a senior I have my own responsibility, my own people, they give me rope but my superiors are next to me whenever I need them, and they also take my progress seriously.

Bettika Gerzsenyi

Why do I like to work at Café? On the one hand, I come in, look around and feel that… It’s just good to be here. Although this can be said of any other advertising agency. But they also have a beer tap and a swing. And when 6 or 7 colleagues get together regularly just to give coffee to unknown people on Monday mornings, that’s something I love. Happy Mondays 4eva! When you decide with some of your colleagues to make a film club and they say “let’s do it”, it’s also a heartwarming thing at Café. Last but not least, wherever you’re going in the building, you feel this positive energy. That’s why I say it’s priceless.

Dániel Villányi

Humanity and coolness. These two words describe it for me. The employees are important for the management for real, and this is not just a slogan. Cafe’s the most caring agency that I have ever been a part of. A beer tap, see-saw, dogs, garden, barbecue, coffee-room - it’s all here. I can develop professionally because they help me to. The clients are open, and they are happy to take proactivity.