You need proof that we’re real human beings who love working at Café? Then this section is for you!

Dóra Virág

I started my career at Café as a junior, and it's been 1+3 years now, I feel very lucky that they trusted me and I had the opportunity to work on bigger and bigger projects during these years. It feels good they appreciate my work and help me to progress that’s why I love working here. If I have any questions they always help me which is also a good thing and helps a lot professionally.

Marcell Kovács

Without the help of your team, it is hard to achieve anything great. Luckily Café have us all covered with a unique atmosphere and the best talents in the industry.

Gréta Sipos

I worked with many people during the last one and a half year and I always found the common voice with my colleagues and customers. That's why I love to work at Café, because everyone is nice and we always help each other. I started my career at Café as a Junior, since than I've got a chance to work on bigger projects and earn valuable experiences, which I'am very grateful for. Additionally, I love that we are always scheduling the next teambuilding at Café:)

Viktor Krč

I started at Café as a creative intern over four years ago and continued my path as a designer, then a junior art director. When I decided to pursue the field of strategy, while other places might let you dip your toes in the shallow water, Café guided me to master swimming in the deep end of insights, archetypes and RTBs. So what’s our RTB? Café’s amazing community and company culture not only allows, but encourages you to grow, to find the passion in your career – to find your Ikigai, if you wish. Change inspires us, after all.

Bettika Gerzsenyi

Why do I like to work at Café? On the one hand, I come in, look around and feel that… It’s just good to be here. Although this can be said of any other advertising agency. But they also have a beer tap and a swing. And when 6 or 7 colleagues get together regularly just to give coffee to unknown people on Monday mornings, that’s something I love. Happy Mondays 4eva! When you decide with some of your colleagues to make a film club and they say “let’s do it”, it’s also a heartwarming thing at Café. Last but not least, wherever you’re going in the building, you feel this positive energy. That’s why I say it’s priceless.

Zsolt Lázár

I love not only WHAT I do, but also WHO I do it with. And that's the most important thing. Because you're always at home in the Café community. They look out for you and we look out for each other. We all remain human, in the best sense of the word - whether it's a bad day, a heavy workload, a failure at a pitch or any kind of happiness.

Miklós Harsányi

I'm very lucky to be here! I' ve received many encouragements, learning opportunities and professional recognitions in recent years. However, what I like best is the close cooperation with our customers. We are an integral part of the projects, our satisfied customers rely on our advice and insights with great confidence.I am grateful to my managers for giving me lot of trust in my work during the 5 years I spent here, I was able to participate in a lot of trainings and conferences, and I can use the acquired knowledge in my daily work.

Levente Soós

It's always funny to think about I've spent more years (14) in Café then any of my schools in my life. At the same time this workplace has a very similar effect on me: I can keep learning and evolving and have the best "classmates" and teachers.

Tünde Rembeczki

I’m proud to be able to work in a team where everyone is striving for continuous development. I like that we are here together for each other on good and bad days as well. The company is very human, too. I have very exciting and various projects and they give me the opportunity to do my best. For me, work-life balance is very important and although this profession is not famous for it, we can still do that. The best thing is as a senior I have my own responsibility, my own people, they give me rope but my superiors are next to me whenever I need them, and they also take my progress seriously.