viacom - millions of choices

The campaign developed by us - which was praised and acknowledged internationally - had the main goal of continuing the previous campaign, and also to continue building the brand’s image and extend recognition, while making Paramount the viewers’ favourite movie channel. Our goal was to reach a younger audience, too, while not letting go of the older one, and make them feel like they belong somewhere. We wanted to show that the movies on the Paramount Channel are the ones we love just the way they are. No other way.

We put the movies’ iconic elements into the spotlight - the ones that made them classics. Because you need the perfect actors, the perfect costumes, the perfect location or prop in order to achieve the perfect harmony, and thus get the movie we love just the way it is: perfect. If something is missing, it’s just not right. As a visual approach we chose the style of movie posters with iconic, genre-specific attributes.