An inspiring branded content video series, which not only restored the reputation of margarine among younger generation, but inspired them to bake again.

upfield – rama branded content

Rama is the oldest and most widely known baking brands in Hungary. Its image had somewhat grown old and the product became less popular among the younger generation, namely the millennials. This resulted in a negative trend on the margarine market.

With the Rama Süti Challenge branded content video campaign, our goal was to inspire the Y generation, and to get them bake again. With the help of popular influencers, and a well-known host, we have created a baking show, never seen before. In this kitchen nothing went as expected. Power outage, burning oven and several other challenges awaited the contestants.

As a result of the successful campaign we have managed to put margarine back on the map among the millennials, and created a platform which has showed them, that baking is indeed fun, and Rama is the perfect partner in it.