2015 was the year we launched the first and only teen-focused branded platform in Hungary: CokeStream (since renamed WOAH). The platform caters to teens, serving their ever-growing and changing demands with articles, branded videos and social content - produced by the most popular YouTubers and influencers.

cokestream / woah

Our primary goal was to reach the largest share of the teenage target audience through the media and content they consume, while connecting with them through a context and language relevant to their lives. We have created a platform that can communicate to this audience where they spend most of their day.

We developed the main site - cokestream.hu - with Tumblr, which, considering its base, is not only a familiar platform for the target audience, but was made homelike in its appearance and functions. The content hub was updated several times a day, with content produced to be short, current and interesting for the audience. Traffic to the site was directed from Coca-Cola’s Facebook site by targeting age, gender and interests with click-to-website and carousel ads. Connected to all of this was content uploaded on the influencers’ own channels (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and blogs).