Our campaign for the Take Me Home Foundation, to show that being the owner of an adopted dog can enrich one’s life.

partners for life

During our campaign we highlighted the idea that if one adopts a dog, it’s not only the dog that gets a chance for a happier future - the owner’s life will be more complete, too. We achieved our goal, contrary to most other animal shelter campaigns - not by appealing to guilt or regret, but with positive messages to reach those who are already open-minded towards the topic.

We communicated our message on a quite unexpected online platform: an online dating app.

Our assumption was that having a dog won’t only make you more open, but also fill your life with meaning. In this way, dating will be easier, too. We wanted to prove this through a dating app.

We created 2 profiles for each of our eight volunteers, one with a dog and one without. We signed them up for a popular dating application, where our test subjects for a week at a time liked the first 50 suggested profiles - and then waited for feedback on the profiles with and without a dog. We documented the number of responses through the duration of the test, and our assumption was proved: many more people are open towards subjects with a dog on their profile. To those who messaged our subjects, we sent a link to the campaign’s Instagram page. There we shared the photos of dogs eagerly waiting at the foundation for a new owner.