Heart Crafted branded content and workshop series for Pilsner Urquell, showing the beauty of artisan crafts and preserving traditions

heart crafted workshop

Pilsner Urquell Heart Crafted Workshops is a branded-content video series, in which for four episodes, a different “artisan” shows their craft’s beauties, the freedom of creation, and passing on the values the brand has believed in since 1842 - that a profession should only be practiced with deep expertise and true passion, respecting traditions and valuing knowledge.

In the successful first episode, the founders of Sufni talk about what creating with heart and soul means to them. In the second episode, the owners of Barber Shop Budapest show the basics of their profession. In the third video, the audience can get to know leather carving brand Nuen, and to cap the series off, we get a peek into the world of Pilsner tap-masters.

The curious can try each profession during our workshops, so that they can experience the joy of handicraft. This is how Pilsner Urquell preserves passion.