„Be part of our team and bring yourself!” – that’s how Decathlon reach out the sports-loving and job seeker youth in Decathlon’s new employer branding campaign.

decathlon image campaign

The sport store chain has entrusted us with developing the company’s new strategy and employer brand. The long-term collaboration began with an internal and an external communication campaign. Our task was to create Decathlon’s domestic employer brand, establish and strengthen to people-oriented image, and to arrange its recruiter and internal communication projects.

The campaign has sprung from the idea that sport is honest and we are ourselves while we’re playing sports. We choose a sport that motivates us in which we want to be constantly better. Decathlon parallels sport and work, because a good workforce are motivated and wants to develop. The company is seeking in their future employees what they seek in sports.

What’s the final result? We have created a well-functioning and successful creative platform and image in accordance with the consumer brand.