We have multiple teams working on truly integrated communication solutions. Scroll down to get a peek at what they’re doing!


head: Zoltán Simon

Our leadership team is formed by seasoned professionals, with vast experience, from all areas of industry. By bringing their knowledge to the table, Café Communications finds the most effective solutions for its clients’ business and communication needs. We’re inspired by our changing world, and thrive to create work that all parties can be proud of.

client service

head: Tünde Bittermann

Trusting, long term and successful relationship with our clients. This is what our client services teams work for, on a daily basis. They are the in-house guardians of the brands, the problem solvers on duty, and the project managers who keep everything on track. Thanks to them, our diverse agency teams can create in harmony.

strategy & digital

head: Zoltán Szakál

Our strategy team is at the core of every communications project. We build and reposition brands, and create campaigns and content ecosystems that provide consumer-centric brand experiences. With Consumer Engagement Mapping, we build on data-driven insights and create effective strategic solutions, all to help our clients’ brands become a part of their consumers’ lives.


head: Márta Hornai

In advertising, without media there is nothing. Our in-house professionals carry out planning and buying for all types of media, from traditional to digital. We base all our campaign plans on sound research and strategy, and put efficiency at the forefront of all campaigns.


head: Tamás Hutlassa

When Nimród Antal teamed up with Tamás Hutlassa to produce Kontroll in 1999, they laid the foundation for one of Hungary’s most successful production companies. Café Film became part of Café Group, and has gone on to produce multiple commercials, award-winning short films (The History of Aviation, Antmap), feature films (Dumapárbaj, Loop, Kincsem), TV shows (HBO’s In Treatment) as well as PR, branded content, promo and viral videos.


head: Marci Kenczler

Our true purpose is to come up with outstanding creative solutions that resonate perfectly with target audiences and ensure engaging brand experience, building on their inner desires. We avoid the obvious and discover new ways to connect brands and audiences.