you are our ideal copywriter if you have: 

  • at least 3 years of relevant agency experience in a copywriter role;
  • excellent writing skills and experience with worldwide brands;
  • passion for quality ideas and for the advertising industry;
  • demonstrated conceptual and digital way of thinking
  • positive can-do attitude;
  • presentational level of English.

your responsibilities will be:

  • work closely with our talented creative, account, media and strategy teams;
  • create campaign ideas that work across all media such as print, digital, TV and social, and even beyond; 
  • work on a diverse client portfolio in a professionally and financially stable agency.

why join Café:

  • when the weather allows it, you can work in the garden, supported by chargers and strong wifi.
  • our dogs are also part of our staff, so don’t worry about leaving yours at home. Bring them in with you - we’ll be happy about it;
  • Inspiration and progress are important for us so every week colleagues can attend in a thoughtful professional lecture. We go to trainings and conference too;
  • We respect your goals and privacy and we strive to ensure work life balance;
  • Your ideas always find open doors (and ears) whether it’s a professional thing or something to build our community by.

interested? apply here: