we get the best from each other

Everyone has goals. Getting ahead, being better, achieving new successes. These things keep people moving.
We believe these individual efforts also keep Café moving. That’s why it’s our goal to create an environment in which our staff can progress.
By combining these forces, we can get even further both individually and as a community. Because we believe that together we can get the best from each other.


this is café

There’s much more to it than just work at Café Communications. There are plenty of things to do when you feel you need a break.


A basketball team and games every Thursday night. Do you love the game as much as we do? What are you waiting for? Join our team!

weCAN Exchange

The weCAN exchange program was created to promote cooperation and knowledge sharing between our network agencies. If you’re curious about how other agencies in the region operate, you can take a look through our international exchange program.

team building

It’s good to blow off some steam and get to know each other better. For that, we have team building events of all shapes and sizes. From all staff programs to small team gin nights, there are many programs to deepen the relationship with your mates.


Our dogs are also part of our staff, so don’t worry about leaving yours at home. Bring them in with you - we’ll be happy about it!


Some of us do creative stuff we didn’t even know about. But we’d love to! So we showcase their works in our office from time to time, and celebrate their art together!


“We gonna party like it’s your birthday!” And if it really is, you may get a cake of your choosing to go with it!

café wednesday

During the day we work hard, but on every last Wednesday, we drink together on the company dollar. And play hard, of course