The Advertising Self Regulatory Board (ÖRT) created a website to help parents find their way amidst the rules aiming to protect children, related to advertising. Our task was to promote the website and explain the objective of the campaign. Besides the promotion of the website, we were also meant to educate the target group in terms of ethical advertisements and their rights related to them.


Most people judge ads on a like/dislike basis, even though there is a very objective aspect to their assessment: regularity. Our aim was to encourage parents in a playful way to cast off their subjective perspectives and take a look at advertisements objectively, in terms of regularity. We created a mobile-friendly game embedded into the website of ÖRT, during which visitors had to label fake ads, based on whether they liked them or not, similarly to the mechanism of Tinder. If they like liked the ad, they had to swipe right, if not, left. However, some errors were hidden in the fake ads, making them irregular in accordance with the current act on advertising.

Gold (Hipnózis)

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