Even though Coca-Cola is a market leader in all age sections, there is a fallback in the youngest of generations – those aged 13-21 – in terms of consumption and the love towards the brand. Teens are real ad blocker experts, so we had to create a platform that reaches them where they get most of the content they consume and address them with relevant topics.


We set up CokeStram, the no.1 teen platform of Hungary. It is not solely an online platform aimed at teens, filled with exciting content, but an actual content ecosystem. The most popular stars of teens provide exclusive, Coca-Cola-branded social content on the tumblr-based platform, with exciting sales promotions and articles.
Young people can read intriguing articles and see unique content, starring their favourite web celebs. The central platform is completed with Coca-Cola-branded content published on the channels of the influencers. This provides large volumes of organic reach.

Coca-Cola Hungary

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