67% of Hungarians do not plan to save up money for their retirement years. 64% of them plans to supplement their pension by working. We aspired to draw the attention of those living on wages and salaries to the idea of saving up for their retirement years.


As a part of an integrated pr campaign, which is created by Café PR, we shot online short films, starring old people working in positions which they are obviously not capable of doing, due to their age. By means of these episodes, we presented it in a witty way that it is worth starting to save up money in time. Due to the approach of the problem and the success of the implementation, the campaign (and Café PR) was awarded in several international and domestic competitions.

OTP Voluntary Pension Fund
Gold – European Excellence Award
Silver & Bronze – Prizma
Gold – Sándor Imre PR Award
Silver – Eventiada

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